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Precision engineering with advanced technologies and product innovations are at the core of our 16 years experience in shaping up the industry. We create the perfect atmosphere through sophisticated, smart technology and innovative design with a wide range of advanced solutions.

M.A.A. established an enviable reputation for completing contracts on time and within budget for both the private and commercial clients. Our key strengths are reflected in our core values nurtured on respect and open communications with our clients. Our vision is to set a standard upon which others are measured. By our integrated services we are able to share and implement our best practices, making installations simpler, easier, and more economical. To ensure we are ahead and respond to clients and market needs, we have introduced chain alignment procedures, linked with performance and continuous improvement. The attention to quality and detail has won us contracts, widened our client base and gained us the respect of the building services industry.

Our continuous growth and success lie in the ability of our employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and have always promoted the health, safety and well being of our employees. By investing in our employees' training and development, we are able to succeed in meeting the challenges of our project. Every effort is taken to ensure that our work runs smoothly and efficiently. This is achieved by deploying employment experienced personnel to oversee projects from start to finish.

Objectives & Method

Our Approach to Projects

Advanced technologies and product innovations for projects

Document Control Project Manager

We manage all Documents generated for projects and resposnible for Contract Specifications, Inspections, Work Instructions and Site Correspondence.

Document Control Quality Assurance Manager

All Documentation with reference to all the Quality aspects of this project will be the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager.

Quality Records Contract Specifications

Contract Specifications will be the Quality Document by which the works will be measured. Any other documents in which the project is carried out will be treated as secondary.

Works Instructions Project Manager

The Project Manager will submit all work instructions issued by Central Power Installations. These must be in line with the requirements of the Project Specifications.

Quality Policy Professional Activities

Our aim is to be a professional and quality oriented organization. Thus ensuring customer satisfaction and a sustained growth in quality and professional activities.

Warranty Engineer Legal Requirements

A Warranty Engineer will manage the technical aspects of the project. The Health and Safety Plan will be the responsibility of the same Project Manager.

Major Equipment Equipment and Transport

All equipment and vehicles being used on the project will be maintained according to a Maintenance Schedule drawn up by the Works Foreman, includng implemention.

Health and Safety Health and Safety Plan

We have a separate Health and Safety Plan specifically designed and responsible for implementing a plan,supervised by our Quality Manger.

Trained Workforce Professional and OMAS Certified

Trained workforce, providing our customers a thoroughly professional and quality service. All our members are OMAS certified and strive for excellence and attention to detail

Company's Objective & Focus

To be recognized for quality products with reputable service and value for money.