Method & Solutions


We create the perfect atmosphere through sophisticated, smart technology and innovative design with a wide range of advanced solutions.

Project BUILD UP

Our build up covers engineer’s analyses study & design, working drawings, method statement, programme of works with budgetary estimates together with occupational health & Safety, technical submittal for approval, and insurance and security.

ENGINEERING AC, Heating & Ventilation

Our consulting engineering services are focused on heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We will you information on the latest technology and find the right solution for your facility and your budget.

MAINTENANCE Business & Commercial

We understand the importance, which is why our team proudly offers preventative maintenance on your commercial heating and cooling systems. Studies have shown working space will negatively affect employee’s performance and overall ability to work.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Planning & Execution

The success of every project heavily depends on the project planning and execution. These include coordination between different trades, communication with client and building officials, and communication between engineering, field staff, and equipment suppliers.

Air Quality SERVICES

In some cases air quality indoors is even worse due to poor ventilation and filtration. We specialize in commercial solutions that will effectively reduce your exposure to indoor pollutants and the importance of keeping your indoor air quality clean and fresh.

Commercial HVAC Projects

With years of experience we have successfully completed many residential and commercial HVAC projects. Whether you are looking for high-quality cooling maintenance our skilled team have specialized training in commercial and industrial property service.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Precision Temp.
Precision Temp.
Our Expertise

Combining Expertise with Innovation for Success

Precision engineering with advanced technologies and product innovations are at the core of our 16 years experience
in shaping up the industry. 



High-Precision Humidity/Temperature Probe

This measures the humidity with an accuracy of ± (0.6% RH + 0.7% of m.v.) in the range between 0 and 90% RH.

Advanced Industry Engineering

We specialise in commercial & residential air conditioning applications installations, window, split and packaged units, Chillers, Precise Air Conditioning CCU...

Reliability & Performance

Boiler room/oil tanks, Calorifiers, and hot water services, Steam installations, Central heating systems. 

High Level Energy Saving

HVAC maintenance: an easy way to save energy in buildings, Insulation saves energy, Teach employees to turn off electronics...

Climate-Friendly Solution

New Eco-Friendly Building Materials, Application of Architectural Films, Prefabricated Construction Methods. Renewable Energy Infrastructure...

Building Management Systems

Water treatments, refrigeration systems, electrical services, mechanical services, building management systems (B.M.S) and more.

Project Build Up

Water treatments, refrigeration systems, electrical services, mechanical services, building management systems (B.M.S) and more.

Post project Analysis

Backed by a solid team of highly skilled engineers and labourers, we ensure peace of mind to our clients and provide assistance to our clients.